The Cooperative Preschool

The Cooperative Preschool was founded in 1948 by a group of parents who saw the need for a high quality and affordable preschool option for the church members of Heights Christian Church. After sixty-nine years, the Co-op has matured from a small, parent-run playgroup to a fully staffed and licensed non-profit school.


The cooperative model enables parents and teachers to work in a true partnership to understand and support the child. This is usually a parent's best opportunity for such transparency and collaboration in a child's educational experience.


The Cooperative Preschool is a parent-aided organization where “cooperative” means just that: students’ families are responsible for the development, fundraising, and maintenance of the school. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected parents. Parents share the responsibility of upholding the school’s guiding principles, facilitated by the elected board.



We strive to provide an emergent child-centered curriculum.

Our teachers create a stimulating environment where children can actively learn about the world around them. We follow the directions of the children, always observing, documenting, listening, and interpreting their goals, theories, and strategies so we can gain insight into their thinking. Our classrooms are busy, noisy places. Children touch, see, listen, talk, taste, smell, and make lots of choices. Instructional methods focus on the experimental and experiential, rather than rote learning. A variety of learning experiences encourage each child to grow emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically. We strive to make our curriculum developmentally appropriate, relevant to a child's interests, and flexible enough to meet the continually changing needs of a diverse group of children.​ 

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